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From the lever-action rifle brand comes the newest lever-action rimfire — the new Winchester Ranger. This nimble, slick cycling 22 LR rifle is loaded with features and designed to be equally adept in the field hunting rabbits and squirrels as it is making short work of tin cans and punching paper at the shooting range.

What makes the Ranger different is the receiver, which is precision machined from a billet of solid aluminum and durably black anodized. The receiver is lightweight and contributes to the balanced feel of the rifle between the hands. It’s also strong and the precision construction helps ensure longevity. The top of the receiver is grooved to accept optics mounts.

Inside, the action has been carefully developed with light operating forces and a sure feel that make it easy for new shooters to confidently operate the action and pure bliss for seasoned hands to rapidly cycle and fire until the 15-round tubular magazine runs dry. The trigger is adjustable for overtravel to match the feel to suit your taste.

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