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A favorite of many hunters and shooters, the Short Rifle configuration has always been fast to the shoulder, quick-swinging, lightweight and a pleasure to shoot. It was a favorite of the range rider who could snatch it from his saddle scabbard and fire faster than prairie lightning. The Winchester® Model 94® Short Rifle has a compact 20″ round barrel that is button rifled and triple-checked for precision. The easy handling straight grip walnut stock has a satin finish and shotgun-style butt plate. It has a rifle-style forearm, black grip cap, and a full-length magazine. It’s drilled and tapped for scope mounts, and the hammer is also drilled and tapped for knurled hammer spur extension (included) to aid in cocking and decocking the hammer when a scope is mounted. The sights are traditional with a semi-buckhorn rear and a Marble Arms® gold bead at the muzzle. To handle bear and boar, the Short Rifle is available in 450 Marlin. Even the top-tang safety is easy to see and operate, as is the rebounding hammer that provides an added margin of safety. With the Short Rifle Model 94, there’s a lot of fun waiting in the saddle, in the field or at the range.

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