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THE NEED FOR SPEED WITHOUT SACRIFICING ACCURACYNine years ago, Excalibur Crossbow set out to produce a broadhead that was not only as tough as its crossbows but could fly as accurately as a field point.After extensive testing, Excalibur delivered the 100 grain Boltcutter, the most accurate fixed blade crossbowbroadhead. While this broadhead remains the most accurate and forgiving head to this day, we wanted to make it lighter for increased velocity.Our testing demonstrated that our shorter, stiffer arrows with 2? vanes recover quickly on acceleration with the higher rotational speeds. This enables us to deliver excellent accuracy with lighter weight broadheads. With this in mind Excalibur developed the new Boltcutter 100 broadhead. Like the original Boltcutter, this broadhead is built to fly with pinpoint accuracy and withstand shattering terminal impacts to deliver short blood trails. Now customers who demand maximum velocity from their crossbow can have a Boltcutter that will fill their need for speed without sacrificing accuracy.

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