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Sending crossbolts down range at a deadly 400 feet per second the AXE400 delivers on the high-end performance users have come to expect from AXE Crossbows — without a high-end price tag. Lightweight, compact, ambidextrous, and extremely adjustable this attractive offering leaves nothing to want. With a state-of-the-art ambidextrous safety mechanism and patented Anti-Dry Fire feature the AXE400’s trigger is just one of the many safety and performance-driven metrics. This bow’s backbone is a multi-position buttstock, easy step-through foot stirrup, and an ergonomic/adjustable foregrip the stock resembles those found on high-end tactical firearms. The extruded aluminum rail is designed for repeatable accuracy and pairs perfectly with ultra-durable 200-pound compression molded limbs to deliver the feel and function sought after by today’s demanding hunters. The quiver mounting system holds tight against the stock for an improved, streamlined fit and better overall aim. A premium AXE optic is ideally matched to the crossbow’s ballistic profile with a 2-7 power x 36mm multi-reticle scope with precision windage and elevation adjustment, that’s sturdily mounted to a cantilever-style mount above the rail. Dual string suppressors and limb dampeners help improve accuracy and eliminate noise while keeping the 400 dead-in-the-hand.

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